Marketing automation – Need for your business?

Marketing Automation

Our digital age has an advantage over the previous generation. That is undoubtedly Marketing Automation. 

Automation proved to be a boon to sales and marketing. People are so used to it that we cannot imagine our world without it.

If we let our imaginations run wild, it would most likely sound like this:

     Gary: Abel, you have converted no leads yet. What happened?

     Abel: The customer said he was already contacted and was not interested. 

     Gary: Contacted???

Sounds familiar?? 

Then, today’s topic is especially for you. Let us continue with the previous point. 

Our digital age has an advantage over the previous generation. Before the technology revolution, many of the administrative tasks were manual. And the data was in written format, which is in contrast to the current era. For instance, an accountant creates a P&L account, income, and expenditure account on paper.

Imagine a world without excel. Getting stuck under piles of paperwork, manual-store, index, and updates. It will subsequently prove time-consuming, plus there were many human errors.

A snippet from our other blog,

In workforce automation, the development of data ecosystems manages categorization, analysis, and storage. Automation improves the productivity of your business workflow.

The time you spend to collect and index the data instead can achieve other business goals.

Marketing content surrounds the consumers from all sides and all platforms. Thus, it is essential to stand out from other campaigns. Furthermore, data security has made it vital to understand customer needs without coming as a con.

Because of phishing and other cybercrimes,

Customers are very particular about sharing their information. 

Because of that, marketing professionals need to come up with innovative ideas. It will help them capture the search intent of the users.

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Benefits of Marketing Automation

This type of automation is beneficial in identifying potential leads. Search engines stores information of search queries, and it is further divided into data groups of demographics, likes and interests.

Which in-turn helps the marketers in the process of nurturing the customers, influencing them to purchase the product or a service. Thus; enhances the sales funnel various tools and strategies. For example; by customised content, target messaging that can be tracked in real time.

Additionally it automates different marteking activities that aides sales team to close the deal efficiently.

Thereafter provides an extra time to the marketers to focus on overall strategy, further this gives a detailed picture by behavorial tracking. Then Gather this information from touchpoints like websites visits, downloads, social media activity which helps in automatic scoring of qualified leads.

That means……. more prospects.

B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing is the backbone of the B2B business. Without a doubt, a referral is a crucial element in the B2B clients as they form a small, focused target market. Plus, prospects and customers engage with the multilevel purchase process, and if they like the service, they will select you as their supplier.

For B2B, it is necessary to create awareness and educate the prospects as:

  • Purchases are in large volume therefore, decisions take time. It requires time.
  • Multiple people take part in decision-making. Hence, there will be a delay in decision-making.
  • It usually takes a longer time than B2C marketing
  • It requires thorough research.

There are chances to target these prospects in all touchpoints of the purchase cycle, and you can customize your strategies according to different stages.

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