Automation: Biggest Contribution To Humanity


A blog that gives a short snippet of the influence and scope of Automation in near future.

Did you know the ERP most used Automation software, was also first launched in the same duration as computers?

Gartner Group, In the 1900s’, first introduced the term enterprise resource.

After all evolution of automation and human development is parallel to each other. The industrial revolution had an impact on people’s lives. Charles Babbage developed the first-ever programmable computer, known as The Analytical Engine.

Businesses and industries have adopted automation in their workforce.

Humans are far from being prehistoric settlers. The invention of fire caused the evolution of humans. Agricultural progress leads to the development of trade and commerce. Additionally, innovation of the wheel leads to the development of transportation.

Handling excel sheets is a tedious task but, imagine piles of paperwork that you have to store and index. The probability of paperwork data destruction is much higher compared to the cloud.

Cloud database manages and backups your data. Some software’s recovers data in case of formatting or accident deletion.

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Automation or Manual, what to consider?

Many chief executives have understood that automation complements manual work. It is time-saving, cost-effective, and also credible. In workforce automation, the development of data ecosystems manages categorization, analysis, and storage.

Your Company can survey candidates’ relevancy and contribution to the vacancy. The database ecosystem managed to integrate data of demographics, interests, and workflow requirements. Researching and analyzing millions of data is a long-winded process. Corporates realized that there was a need for integrated back-office automation.

Technological modernization leads to the existence of content and data on the cloud. With cloud digital signage, you can regulate your content or a device as long as you have the internet. In short, it is a content management system (CMS). It results in reduced manual work of transferring the data between the devices by USB.

Automation improves the productivity of your business workflow. The time you spend collecting and indexing the data instead can achieve other business goals.

Deep Insights shares that,

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning systems can extract, classify and process information that would otherwise be too difficult for a robot to understand.

Still not, switched over to automation?

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Why Automation in the workplace is necessary?

Long gone, the time when people used to create a worksheet manually. Excel is the most used tool in the workplace. It analyzes, organizes, and store the data. Since 1985, Excel is contributing to each vertical of business and industry. In recent years, due to covid, many young professionals are opting for online tools like Google sheets or online excel.

As per the 2019 Delloite annual global survey of executives,

Seventy-three percent of organizations have embarked on a path to intelligent automation. Additionally, it observed that since 2019, there was a significant rise of 58%. It means that the number of surveyed organizations are using intelligent automation has doubled.

Invesp observed that,

Marketing Automation results in a 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity. And also a 12.2 percent reduction in marketing overhead.

Eighty percent of marketers observed improvement in lead generation by use of automation. Additionally, 77 percent saw an increase in conversions.

74% of respondents shared that the best benefit of technology is, it saves them time.

The main goal of Automation Software are:

92% of marketing professionals agree on the qualified lead pipeline, followed by 81% in customer retention. 66 % agree on lead nurturing.

According to 2017 Mckinsey Global Institute report,

the Auto sector can see a 1.4 % rise in growth productivity by automating different tasks.

According to IQ Parterns’ 2018 observation,

Four top benefits HR believes of using AI solutions as part of the recruiting process are:

  • 67% saving time
  • 43% unbiased approach
  • 31% accuracy
  • 30% cost-effectiveness

Although there are many benefits of Automating your work, it is also crucial to address the challenges. With expert guidance, businesses can make full use of automation tools.

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