Effect of new gaming regulation on online gaming market

online gaming

How will new regulations affect the online gaming market? Is it necessary?

During IPL or any cricket match, one can observe an ad that runs across screens, Dream11. In that ads a cricket member asks you to strategize the match, its players, and if your guess is right; You can win prizes. Do you recall these ads? No? okay, let’s take another example. Remember, ads that suggest you play poker or rummy? Asking you how will you beat another person. Here even YouTubers have marketed the games. It is one of the largest markets. Gamers spend over seven hours per week playing games. Casual and single-player games are also popular in the gaming industry. Covid witnessed a rise in users’ online presence. Considering that, how can the gaming industry leave behind? In the year 2021, the Indian government issued new policies to regulate this sector. Why do you ask? Read along to know more.

Types of Games, and which type is in consideration to regulate by the government.

Games categorized into three types:
  1. E-Sports: These games were played as single-player or multiplayer games in the ‘90s. They were in a CD format. Played in private and now on an online level by professional gamers as a single-player or multiplayer. For example; Counterstrike, Delta force, Assassin’s Creed, Dota, Mortal Combat.
online gaming
  1. Fantasy Sports: These games are inspired by real sports and teams. And you choose a team of real sports players from different teams. You win points according to how well the players perform in real life. For example, dream 11.
online gaming
  1. Online/ casual games: These games focus on skill. These games use players’ analytical skills. These games are also games of chance. For example, Rummy, Poker, Ludo, etc
online gaming

In December 2021, Minister Sushil Kumar Modi raised an issue in parliament on the need to regulate the online gaming market. Such games link to money wagers and gambling. Also, this segment lacks regulation and falls under the legal grey area. Gambling is allowed a certain tax rate deducted from income generated.

Skilled based games are allowed in almost all parts of the country. Whereas, it banned games related to betting and gambling in most states. Compulsive use of technology leads to children’s low attention span in studies. Pandemic has contributed as a catalyst to the increase in the use of online gaming.

Games such as blue whale have led to children taking extreme measures. This causes major concern among parents. Also, increase in cases of privacy violation, phishing, and cyberbullying. There is a need to police and regulate the gaming sector to avoid you becoming pathological gamers.

Well-regulated gaming has its advantages too. The gaming industry is expected to generate around 30000 cr income and over 15000 direct jobs by the year 2025.

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